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Dss Smart Card

1) Your Dss Smart Card decrypts this special key using a special sub processor in the card called the smartcard checks if you have a legitimate subscription set in the card and if yes it returns it to your receiver in an Instruction 54. A 3M modifies the check in 2) so that the card never checks if your card is a legitimate subscription and always returns the key. In order to do this it has to MODIFY the software in the card. An Emulator SIMULATES the code in the card and forces the key to be sent, however it still needs the ASIC in a real card to actually decrypt the key. In actual fact Instruction 40 contains more

Dss Smart Card

than just the encrypted key � It also includes dynamic code. This is some extra code which executes after the key has been decrypted. This is where hashing comes into play. Firstly let�s look at a Assume a section of the code in your card located at address . An instruction 40 could include dynamic code which says after the key has been decrypted ADD whatever is at onto the key. a) In an unmodified card will be added and will create the actual key used to encrypt your picture. b) In a card the code at has been changed to modify the check in (2) and so this modified code will get added to the key. As you can see you will not result in the same key as a) Since your satellite tv card has responded with an incorrect key, your picture can�t be decoded and you will get a black screen or a freeze. Now let�s take a look at an emulator. An Emulator tries to simulate a real card. Since the dynamic code can contain ANYTHING, it could contain instructions that a real card can perform, but the author of the emulator didn�t know about when he wrote it. Your card always remains unmodified. As a result there are no differences that the dynamic code can detect! I have a 'sub" card, do i need to remove it from the Avenger SE and insert it into the receiver directly to receive updates? No! Your card will continue to receive all official updates while in the Avenger SE. You may use your 'Sub' card without the Avenger SE at any time if you wish, but you do not have to. Does the work with the Yes! The mod simply prevents the Zero Knowledge Test from actually being performed. As a result no P5 are sent to your card. This does not affect the operation of the p4 card with or without the Avenger SE. t911 Ultra-Unlooper Deluxe PS/2 Mikobu III PS2 only $69.95 USD Mikobu III PS2 6 months support Without a doubt this is the ultimate HU card device. It can do it all, and perfectly! Nothing can touch the speed and precision of this loader. The circuitry has been completely optimized for HU unlooping. It includes a special custom software package hidden in ExtremeHU that will only work with the private flash on this device. Ofcourse, also expect it to work as an amazing HU Loader in ExtremeHU! Features Enables special unlooping functions in ExtremeHU written only for the MIKOBU III ULTRA Unlooper Ultra Fast - Entry Technology excess glitching can cause damage to cards Re-Engineered with new circuitry to Unloop and Load This is the fastest HU Unlooper in the Market averages 5 sec. to unloop It unloops 5b, 6b and 4b unlike any other Unlooper Unlocks and Clean Dealers Private 3M Cleans 3M Locked cards to virgin status. Loads all difficult to write to cards. Fixes most 4th byte problems. Dual Power Technology - Can work with either PS2 or DC adapter. Cleans PPV purchase off Sub/Activation card, even if the card is locked. Will gain entry to cards previously untouchable by code. Future Unlock updates for Unlocking future Dealer Lock down 3M scripts. Provides the solution for cards that won't unloop with existing loaders Includes a serial cable and Direct TV power cable for plug-and-play use. Now shipping with the new M6.2 private flash! Black Shadow II Bootstrap The Shadow No745 board is the latest in anti 745 nag warfare. It uses only the highest level of technology, and cuts no corners in quality. The board is designed to produce "zero" emissions to stay within the Canadian Airwave laws, and at the same time defeat the 745 nag. It supports a full set of features including true randomized un-loopers. Dss Smart Card board and reinsert it, you will get a new random generated CAM ID. It also supports a custom CAM ID mode where you may use a CAM ID of your own choice for the shadow board to spoof. Tier Wipe Blocking options will allow you to use non subbed bins with activation, to avoid those nasty 3m hashes that are now a daily occurrence. With this enabled, even non Subbed Cam�s will not have their channels removed. Or add existing channels to a current sub, and

Dishnetwork has stepped up their efforts to eliminate piracy

Their signals with the latest rash of key changes and implementation of new and never seen before code in the stream that is clearly targeting receivers that are using cards with blockers. A popular misconception is that people using certain fta units with a card reader and an auxed rom 102 are safe from this impending ecm that will permanently loop your card. There is no fix for a unreadable card and once they unleash this new electronic countermeasure sometime within the next week, there will be tens of thousands of black screens all across North America for all Rom card users who are dependant on this outdated and soon to be extinct technology.

The only way to work around this and ensure that you have completely open channels without chance of being fried by an ecm is to use XFTA enabled receivers.

We have sold hundreds of these receivers since their release and have satisfied satellite testers all across the USA and Canada who are now not at risk of a massive blackout of all channels on their units. The Xfta satellite receiver is shipped to you, plug and play, no tech knowledge is needed to get it up and going, simply turn it on and watch hundreds of channels such as ppv, sports, movie networks, music networks, basically every channel that is available from dishnet is ready to be watched on your XFTA receiver when it arrives at your home. There are no keys to change, no software to load and no headaches. Our units work in a very similar but not identical way that dishnetworks cardless receivers do, as well if you ever need to update anything on the XFTA, simply use your remote control and access the backend menus on screen and make changes within seconds, no more hassles of connecting to your computer or calling the satellite guy to come over and fix your machine.

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