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Direct TV Dss Smart Card

Direct TV Dss Smart Card NOTE: The Avenger SE calibration software will automatically reset the Avenger SE to factory defaults before applying any setting you have selected using the procedures in Section 4.0, so in that case this RESET procedure is not necessary. 5.2 Calibration problems The 4 most common calibration problems arise from the following: 1) Your HU Card has had its code modified and you are experiencing "Hashing" as a result. This can be corrected by following procedure "3.3 Clean your HU Card (Required Loader)" and repeating one of the calibration steps in section "4.0 Initial Calibration Procedure". 2) You have calibrated another HU Card on the same unit and the previous settings are now stored. This can be corrected by following procedure "5.1 Resetting your Avenger SE to Factory Defaults" and repeating one of the calibration steps in section "4.0 Initial Calibration Procedure" for your new card. 3) Your card has not been updated to USW 0800 and DSW 0600 (the latest revision of card software). This can be corrected by following procedure "3.3 Clean your HU Card (Required Loader)" and repeating one of the calibration steps in section "4.0 Initial Calibration Procedure". 4) You did not insert the Avenger SE into your receiver while the receiver was on a channel you do not usually get with your card/sub. It is VITAL that you turn to a channel you cannot usually receiver (a good channel to use is a PPV channel for an event you have not purchased). hucard Directv CardLoaders Unloopers CardLoader DirectTVHU CardUnloopers DirectTVHUCard Loaders huUnloopers Directloaders TVHU CardLooders Unlopers directtvloaders directloaders online cheap cheapest best now dealers hack hackers H-Cards do not currently get updated anymore...code changes are done through something that is a little different, called a dynamic update.For a more detailed explanation of a dynamic update, see "Dynamic Update" below in this dictionary. hackcom hackerscom directtvhack directtvhackers descramblerscom directhack dishhackers dishtvhackers cardhackers cardhacker dsshack dssdescramblers unlooperscom loaderscom wwwloopers wwwloaders wwwloaderscom hackdss dssunloopers dssloaders cheap cheapest best sales north pvr usatv tvusa problems multiroom electronics retailer wwwusa satalite business locals provider marketing dishes out derect help info company Access Card DirecTVís means of providing certain programming to certain households, depending on what is paid for. The access card has memory on it, which means it can store data. The card is known as a "Conditional Access Module," or CAM. Each card has a unique identification number (called the CAM ID) which is how DirecTV can add or remove programming from each and every individual card. The cards are very similar to standard smart cards, but they implore advanced security measures to ensure that the card cannot be tampered with using a standard smart card reader/writer. In the span of DIRECTV, there have been 3 different generations, or versions of the Access Cards, and they are named according to the letter that precedes the identification number. In chronological order, these cards were the F, the H, and the HU. If you buy a DIRECTV system today, it comes with a HU, because the first two generations of cards were susceptible to security hacks- people found ways of breaking the cards security, and adding their own programming info. DirecTV's access cards follow an industry standard in smartcards, known as ISO7816. Hence, any standard ISO7816 smartcard programmer can read and write these cards with the proper software. CAM ID A unique identification number present on the memory of each and every DIRECTV Access Card, and also explicitly printed on the back of the card. IRD The common term for satellite receiver. Receiverís also have unique identification numbers. Marrying Direct TV Dss Smart Card

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