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Dss Smart Card Disclaimer

Disclaimer 1) You understand that this website, and all directly associated web sites are wholly owned, operated offshore and are operated in accordance to the applicable laws and statutes of these jurisdictions. We make no representation that the materials on this site are appropriate for use outside these countries. 2) You understand that this web site's intended audience are residents of the Commonwealth Of Dominica and other countries where use of test cards is considered legal. You understand that the worldwide nature of the internet makes it impossible to regulate the audience and it is possible to access this web site in countries where use of test cards is illegal. You understand that it is your responsibility to check your local laws before committing any information on this website for any given practical use. We do NOT condone signal theft and you are absolutely prohibited from putting ANY information on this site to any illegal use. Any individuals indicating illegal intent are subject to loss of any and all privileges given to them by this web site. 3) You understand that use, possession, distribution, manufacture or importation of test cards is illegal in the United States. If you are a U.S. resident, you are required by law to subscribe and the use or sale of test cards of any kind is unlawful and constitutes signal theft and is subject to criminal and civil penalties according to U.S. law. We do not condone the use or sale of test cards to U.S. residents. In addition, use of test cards may also be considered illegal in any country or jurstiction where the U.S. based services of Directv Inc. and Echostar Communications Corp, in specific, The Dish Network can legally and lawfully distribute their signals, either directly or indirectly and make said signals available for purchase to consumers on a subscription basis. 4) You understand that you are solely responsible for your own actions and agree to hold this web site and its principals harmless for any difficulties incured through physical use of any of the information contained on this web site. 5) This web site is not affliated in any way, shape or form, either legally or professionally with Directv Inc.United States Satellite Broadcasting Ltd., Echostar Communications Corp., News Datacom Ltd., News Data Systems Americas or their affliates, both private, commercial, domestic and international. 6) You agree that this Web Site is privately owned and operated. Employees, Agents or Solicitors both direct and indirect of Directv Inc., News Datacom Ltd, NDS Americas Inc. or Echostar Communications Corporation are STRICTLY prohibited from entering this site and are directed to leave immediately. Failure to comply may constitute a criminal act of trespassing. 7) You understand that all information on this web site is Dish Cards informational in nature and is protected by the fundamental right of free speech GUARANTEED by both the United States Constitution and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As outlined above, although simple access of the information on this site may be legal and protected under various constitutions and charters, physical use may NOT be legal in certain countries and jurisdictions, in specific, The United States. If you are in doubt, you should seek legal advice BEFORE putting any information on this site to a practical use.

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